Career Development Options for Workers Compensation


Many employees have fear of falling behind while out on workers compensation. Taking the initiative to look into Career Development Programs shows your employer you’re serious about returning to work and can give you new skills that make you feel more confident when you do return. Here’s three ways you can take steps to move you forward in your career.

Online Training Programs

Depending on your industry, there may be training and certification programs online to help you develop your skills. Websites like Khan Academy and Coursera can help you learn new things for free. You could even ask your employer to reimburse you for online training.

Training Programs Through your Employer

Many employers have training programs they offer for their employees. See if any of these programs are something you can participate in while on Workers Compensation.

Building Your Presence Online

Regardless of your relationship with your employer, being out on Workers Compensation gives you time to build up your digital brand. Whether that means setting up an account on LinkedIn, updating your resume, or creating your own website, your virtual presence can unlock many doors in your professional life.