Maintaining a Strong Relationship with your Employer

One of the best ways to ensure your job security is to build a good relationship with your employer. Whether that means talking to your boss or your employer, there’s steps you can take to make sure that relationship is built for success.

Figure Out His/Her Communication Style

Figuring out how your boss likes to communicate is useful in the day to day operations at your job, but also while you’re out on workers compensation. Does they prefer phone or email? What information do they want to know?

Communicate Regularly

Communicating at regular intervals with your boss about your progress on Workers Compensation can show them that you care about your job. Don’t be too aggressive; try to check in at 25% intervals over your Workers Comp Journey. If you’re expected to be out for 4 weeks, you should email once a week. If you’re expected to be out for 4 days, you should email every day.