Your Legal Rights on Workers Compensation

While every state has different laws on Workers Compensation, there are some major themes that are probably true.

You Can’t Be Fired For Your Injury

Your employer can’t fire you because you got injured or because you filed a Workers Compensation claim. If they do you could probably sue them. That being said, they’re still allowed to fire you if it’s part of a regular round of layoffs. At the end of the day, since they’re still paying you, they’re supposed to treat you like a regular employee.

You Have the Right to an Attorney (But you probably don’t need one)

While you have the right to be represented by a lawyer, representation probably won’t increase your total settlement. Insurance companies do their best to compensate you fairly; it’s unlikely that any increase in your settlement would be large enough to offset the cost of an attorney.

This isn’t legal advice

We aren’t lawyers, so please don’t use this to make any important legal decisions.